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Automated intra-operative anesthesia record

              THE DATA IS THE DATA                                        THE RECORD IS THE RECORD

Rapid Record has been developed by a practicing anesthesiologist, over the last 15 years. This is an automated anesthesia record keeper that runs on any Windows based personal computer (including notebooks). While numerous automated systems have been developed over the last few years, anesthesia providers have been slow to adopt this technology for a variety of reasons:


 * Cost

 * Emphasis on legal aspects

 * Ease of use


I believe this program addresses all of these concerns and more. The main focus throughout development has been to make the task of record keeping easier, faster, neater, and more accurate than the manual record, and at the same time, making sure that the user has complete control over what appears on the final record. Since this program is not written as a billing and quality management tool, and is not networked directly with the hospital's information system. This keeps the installation and maintenance costs to a minimum. The most likely users would be those smaller Critical Access Hospitals that simply want an automated anesthesia record that is fast, simple, accurate and inexpensive.


I have looked at a number of record keeper programs on the market, and I believe that this application is 2 to 3 times faster at entering non-captured data such as drugs, fluids, staff, procedures, and comments. For instance, a single keystroke records the anesthesia start time and enters a predefined patient arrival note. A second keystroke records the name, time, and amount of the user?s preferred IV solution. All of my partners, including those that are computer phobic, use this application in our ORs every day. The program itself is very intuitive and requires minimal training.


The manual version, available on the website, is free and can be used in your operating room in the manual mode. However, the real benefit of automated records is when you have fully automated monitor data acquisition. See ?Monitor Interfacing?.



To see a sample record follow this link:  SAMPLE RECORD























































The user interface is either mouse or touch screen compatible.

Point and click operation is the standard.

All patient vital sign data is automatically captured and placed into the record. No more hand charting of blood pressure and heart rate.

Easy to read graphics and provider intuitive navigation


Rapid Record allows for "canned" pre-determined input text.

Quick 1 key stroke entry of complete text lines

Automatic time stamping

Quick edit and review.

No charting audit trial

The data is the data ... and ... the record is the record.

Quick check box entry makes charting a breeze.

You focus on your patient not on the record keeping.








Your record looks and feels like the record you are use to using. Concise graphic lay out makes reading the record familiar to both you and your associate team members