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Time-Out Solutions


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Time-Out information is displayed on a globally visible 50" monitor in real time. Patent data, surgical procedure, and identification information is automatically down loaded from your EMR

Unique real-time check list and data entry is available before, DURING, and after the Time-Out is completed.


At the end of the procedure a unique Surgeons Handoff Report is printed in the OR for the next point of care.

Time-Out Solutions is a wrong surgical site prevention aid designed to give your facility an additional edge in the prevention of wrong site surgery and meet regulatory compliance. This is not just another Time-Out check list, Time-Out Solutions is a true visual reference and planning aid for the current planned procedure as well and generates a complete surgeon's hand off of care note at the end of the procedure.


Time-Out Solutions is a unique application that enhances patient safety, improves Joint Commission and CMS compliance, and creates a surgeon's transfer of care note all in one place. This application is based on the WHO (World Health Origination) Sing in -Time Out - Sign Out standards; including all three major components of the approved Time-Out process. Many providers are unaware that a true surgical/procedural time-out includes a three step process; a pre-surgical time-out, a pre-incesion time-out, and a post-surgical time-out.